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Step 2. Incentivize Your Team

Learn how to incentivize your internal teams to drive adoption of your Customer Portal.


With your Customer Adoption Program now set up and running, we wanted to leave you with leave you with our last, but perhaps most important step, being recruiting help from across your organization. While you and your team have gone above-and-beyond to onboard initial groups of customers including teaching cross-functional teams about your Customer Portal and becoming marketing professionals through the creation and sending of email campaigns, driving adoption among your remaining customers is truly an organization-wide effort.


Remember back to our Getting Started phase when we took steps to Inform & Educate Your Internal Teams, including supplying a talk script to help them share the value of your Customer Portal? Now it’s time to formally put these resources to use!

Host a Friendly Competition among Internal Teams

Because there are customer-facing teams like sales, support, and customer success, who speak with your customers on a daily basis, it can be incredibly helpful to recruit these teams to help drive awareness around your Customer Portal. Individuals on these teams are very competitive, especially when you introduce internal competitions among teams!


Some of our clients have created some friendly-competition among teams to see which team can get the most customers to sign up for your new Customer Portal! For example, you may want to implement a contest where the team who gets the most customers signed up and using your Customer Portal receives a company lunch, has their team members entered into a gift card raffle, or any other exciting prizes you can think of! We highly recommend speaking with your Versapay Project Team to understand if you may be a good fit for an internal contest to drive adoption.


You’ve completed the three phases of our Customer Adoption Program including Getting Started, Invite & Engage, and Ongoing Success! Going through each of these phases, you completed the necessary steps to set up for success, invite your customers, and ensure the success of your Collaborative AR journey.


We wanted to remind you that we’re always here to help and provide you with the resources you need to be successful. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please let us know by emailing: We have internal teams standing by to support you!

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