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Step 1. Promote Your Customers to Pay Digitally

Learn how to promote your customers to pay digitally once they’ve created their account.

In this step, we’re driving awareness around your Customer Portal’s ability to accept digital payments through customizable email campaigns with the goal of increasing your p-Adoption (percentage of customers paying digitally via your Customer Portal) rate.


In the Invite & Engage phase, our main goal was to get your customers to adopt, and start using, your Customer Portal. While we need to continue promoting your Customer Portal to continuously improve your e-Adoption rate, there are steps we can take now to target customers, who are actively using your Customer Portal (e.g., viewing invoices), and persuade them to start paying you digitally as well. These customers are your early-adopters and are likely very open to digital change, which makes them the perfect audience for digital payment promotion.


To help persuade e-Adopted customers to become p-Adopted customers (actively making digital payments in your Customer Portal), we’ve created a customizable email campaign allowing you to spread awareness on your ability to accept digital payments now. With our carefully crafted email templates, you’ll be able to easily set up a two (2) email cadence solidifying your team as marketing professionals!


In addition to the provided email campaign, we also created professional How-To Videos, showing customers how to add digital payment method to their account, make a digital payments, and set up AutoPay.


  1. Download our Email Campaign Template to Promote Digital Payments within Your Customer Portal.
  1. Customize the email template by replacing the placeholder text such as your contact information.
  1. (Optional) Review the email campaign with your internal marketing team to ensure your organization’s branding, voice, and tone are correct.
  1. Send the customized email campaign to your Versapay Project Team along with any included media assets such as your company’s logo. Your Versapay Project Team will upload your email campaign into your Supplier Portal.
  1. Work with your Versapay Project Team to send your email campaign to customers you’ve designated.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve worked with your Versapay Project Team to promote digital payments within your Customer Portal, it’s time to think about incentivizing your teams to ensure you’re organization is working together to continuously drive both e-Adoption and p-Adoption until you meet your customer adoption rate goals.


Click the following link to learn how to: Incentivize Your Teams.

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