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Ensuring Ongoing Success

Learn how to ensure ongoing success of your Customer Portal.


Congratulation on completing the Invite & Engage phase! You’ve completed the important steps to officially launch your Customer Adoption Program including:


Now that you’ve completed the steps within Invite & Engage, it’s time to set your organization up for ongoing success by continuing to drive adoption of your Customer Portal.


In the Ongoing Success phase, we’ll complete two (2) steps to ensure you’re receiving the most value from Collaborative AR:

  1. Promote Your Customers to Pay Digitally: Just like how we promoted awareness around your new Customer Portal in the Invite & Engage phase, now it’s time to promote the ability to make digital payments directly as well! We’ll equip you with a customizable email campaign template that will put focus on the digital payment capabilities your Customer Portal has.
  1. Incentivize Your Internal Teams: Getting your customers to adopt your new Customer Portal is an exciting experience for both your internal teams and customers; however, with all the priorities your customers have, your promotional emails have a chance of not being read. To help alleviate this, and to ensure your customers are aware of your Customer Portal, it can be a fun and engaging exercise to recruit other internal, customer-facing teams to help onboard your customers through incentivizing them.
We have a variety of helpful resources that we'll call out along the way, but if you ever want to see all available resources, visit our Ongoing Success page, and navigate to the "Helpful Resources" section.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve learned what to expect from the Ongoing Success phase, let’s promote the ability for customers to pay digitally using your Customer Portal!


Click the following link to learn how to: Promote Your Customers to Pay Digitally.

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