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Step 2. Promote Your New Customer Portal

Learn how to promote your Customer Portal to your customer base.

In this step, the goal is to increase awareness of the value your Customer Portal will provide encouraging customers to sign up and start managing their account online such as viewing invoices and updating their profile information. Learn more below.


While many of your customers will accept your invitation to start using your Customer Portal, you may find that certain segments of customers will be slower to adopt your new way of doing business. It’s important to understand that your customers may not immediately adopt and start using your Customer Portal due to a variety of reasons such as competing internal priorities, hesitation to change process/tools, and not clearly understanding how this will improve business for them.


To help overcome the challenges and hesitations that your customers may have, we’ve created a customizable email campaign allowing you to spread awareness about your Customer Portal within your customer base. With our carefully crafted email templates, you’ll be able to easily set up a three (3) email cadence making you and your team look like marketing professionals!


In addition to the provided email campaign, we’ve also made a variety of resources available allowing you to share these with customers. Available resources include:

  • One-Pager: Attach this Customer Portal One-Pager to emails you send out to educate customers on the value your Customer Portal will provide. It also touches on important topics like payment security.
  • How-To Videos: Instead of teaching your customers over the phone, send them these helpful tutorial videos so they can follow along.
  • How-To Guide: Share this Customer Portal How-To Guide with newly-onboarded customers so they can get up-and-running with ease. We made this guide printable for your customers who prefer a paper-version.

Best Practices from Clients Like You

Before we outline the steps you need to take to promote your new Customer Portal, we wanted to share a few best practices that our clients (just like you) have shared that drove their success:

  • Spread Awareness via Printed Materials: Including sign up information in printed materials your organization is sending out to customers can supplement your email campaigns explained above. Including information on your Customer Portal on your paper invoices, statements, newsletters, and other customer-facing materials helps keep it top of mind among your customer base.
  • Make Signing Up Accessible Everywhere: One of our clients’ favorite tip is to create an email banner for all customer-facing team members that brings attention to your Customer Portal, and can even bring customers to the sign-up page if they click it. Speak with your Versapay Project Team to learn more!
  • Take a Legal Stance: While this doesn’t necessarily work for all organizations and their customers, many of our clients have taken a legal stance and made the Customer Portal the primary method to manage their account, view invoices, and make payments. Some of our clients even charge a “convenience fee” if their customers still want to receive paper invoices making it still accessible, but coming at a price.


  1. Download our Email Campaign Template to Promote Your Customer Portal to Customers.
  1. Customize the email template by replacing the placeholder text such as your contact information.
  1. (Optional) Review the email campaign with your internal marketing team to ensure your organization’s branding, voice, and tone are correct.
  1. Send the customized email campaign to your Versapay Project Team along with any included media assets such as your company’s logo. Your Versapay Project Team will upload your email campaign into your Supplier Portal.
  1. Work with your Versapay Project Team to send your email campaign to customers you’ve designated.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve worked with your Versapay Project Team to promote your Customer Portal within your customer base, it’s time to set up and customize which notifications you’d like your customers to receive. These will alert customers to new account activity, as well as keeping them engaged with your Customer Portal.


Click the following link to learn how to: Engage Customers with Notifications.

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