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Step 1. Invite Customers to Your Customer Portal

Learn best practices around inviting customers to your portal and download an email template to send to them.

Inviting customers to your Customer Portal is an exciting step, and the foundation of your Collaborative AR journey. Learn more below.


It’s time to invite customers to your new Customer Portal and we’ve made the invitation process easy. Through our Collaborative AR platform, you have the ability to send marketing messages to customers directly from within your Supplier Portal. Your Versapay Project Team will guide you through this process, but we wanted to outline a few best practices to consider, and provide you with a customizable email template.


When working with your Versapay Project Team, they’ll help you customize and send your email invitations. It’s important to consider the following best practices when customizing your email:

  • Branding: Make sure to add your organization’s branding such as your company logo. Customers are more likely to engage with emails from organizations they work directly with.
  • Click-Through Links: Work with your Versapay Project Team to make signing up for your Customer Portal as easy as possible, such as including tokenized buttons and links, so customers can sign up with a single-click from your email.
  • Your Contact Information: Provide a way for customers to easily ask questions and receive answers to alleviate any initial doubts customers may have.
  • Value-Based Marketing: The most important element is to clearly outline the value and benefits the Customer Portal provides to your customers.
If available to you, work with your internal marketing teams to add your organization’s branding, voice, and tone to the email template, but make sure to prioritize the value your Customer Portal provides.


  1. Download our Email Template to Invite Customers to Your Customer Portal.
  1. Customize the email template by replacing the placeholder text such as your contact information.
  1. (Optional) Review the email template with your internal marketing team to ensure it aligns with your organization’s branding, voice, and tone.
  1. Send the customized email template to your Versapay Project Team along with any included media assets such as your company’s logo. Your Versapay Project Team will upload your email template into your Supplier Portal.
  1. Work with your Versapay Project Team to send your Customer Portal Invite to customers you’ve designated.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve worked with your Versapay Project Team to invite customers to your new Customer Portal, we’ll share how you can continuously promote your Customer Portal over time. This is important as some of your customers may not initially understand the value of your Customer Portal, so it’s crucial to continue to educate them on how it benefits them.


Click the following link to learn how to: Promote Your New Customer Portal.

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