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Recommended Notification Settings

Use these recommended notification settings as a starting point in deciding which notifications you want you, your teams, and customers to receive.

Supplier Notifications
Customer Notifications
- Dispute Opened - Invoice Not Delivered - Data Export Failed - Data Import Failed - Data Import Succeeded with Errors - Reconciliation Batch Found a Discrepancy
- Customer Access Invitation Sent by Supplier: Notifies when a new user is invited to your account on your behalf - Monthly Statement: Notifies of outstanding invoices on day 31 - Overdue Balance: Setting up at least 1 overdue balance - New Invoice - Failed Payment - Payment Made on behalf of Customer - Bank Account Added - Bank Account Verified - Credit Card Added - Payment Method Added or Removed on behalf of Customer
Subscribe by Default
- Customer Comment Posted - Customer Comment Updated - Overdue Balance: Notifies when an overdue balance notification is sent to your customer - Comment Added - Dispute Closed - Failed Payment
- Comment Added - New Invoice - Paid in Full
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