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Launching Your Customer Adoption Program

Learn about the steps we’ll take to invite customers to your Customer Portal.


Congratulations on completing the Getting Started phase! You successfully:


Now that you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to explore the best practices and steps to successfully invite customers to your Customer Portal, and get them engaged and using our Collaborative AR platform.


In the Invite & Engage phase, we’ll complete three (3) steps to invite your customers onto your new Customer Portal:

  1. Invite Customers to Your New Customer Portal: We’ll equip you with an email template so you can quickly and easily invite your customers to your Customer Portal outlining the benefits it provides to them.
  1. Promotion of Your New Customer Portal: Not all of your customers will adopt your Customer Portal at the same time due to a variety of reasons, such as competing internal priorities, organizational changes, and questions around change management. To keep your Customer Portal top-of-mind among your customers, we’ll provide you with a customizable email campaign that enables you to efficiently market your Customer Portal.
  1. Engage Customers with Notifications: After onboarding customers onto your Customer Portal, it’s important to work with your Versapay Project Team to set up and customize which notifications your teams and your customers will be alerted to such as overdue balance alerts, upcoming invoices due, and more.
We have a variety of helpful resources that we'll call out along the way, but if you ever want to see all available resources, visit our Invite & Engage page, and navigate to the "Helpful Resources" section.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve explained what you can expect from the Invite & Engage phase, let’s start inviting your customers to your new Customer Portal!


Click the following link to learn how to: Invite Customers to Your Customer Portal.

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