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Step 2: Review Customer Email Data

Having accurate customer email data is essential as you prepare to send customers messages and invites via email.

Reviewing and validating your customers' email addresses ensures your customers will receive your Customer Portal invites and Collaborative AR messages.


Being able to successfully reach your customers via email is essential for a successful roll out of your Customer Portal and ongoing Collaborative AR success. If customer email data is wrong, they will not receive your initial Customer Portal Invite (or any messages from our Collaborative AR platform), which will hurt and decrease your early adoption rate.


In this step, we'll take time to review your customer list, and their associated email data, checking for accuracy and other minor errors such as mistyped domain names, etc.


  1. From your ERP, generate a list of customers you'd like to promote (and later invite to) your Customer Portal including their associated email addresses. If this is outside your team's capabilities, we'd recommend contacting your Customer Success or IT Teams for help exporting an accurate customer list.
  1. Once you've generated (or received) your customer list including email data, review the list and watch for misspelled or mistyped contact names or domain names to the best of your ability. When reviewing the list, make note of any customer contacts that do not have accurate emails.
  1. Work with your sales team, customer success team, or even directly with your customers, to fill in email addresses that were previously blank and/or inaccurate.
  1. Once you've confirmed you have accurate email data for all customers you'd like to promote (and later invite) to your Customer Portal, make sure these changes are reflected in your ERP.
  1. With accurate customer email data now updated in your ERP, our Collaborative AR platform will be able to import your customers' email addresses when it's time to start sending messages to your customers.

Next Steps

Now that we've reviewed and validated your customers' email data within your ERP, let's put your hard work to use by sending your first marketing message to your customers through our Collaborative AR platform with the goal of building awareness and excitement around your new Customer Portal.


Click the following link to learn how to: Build Awareness with Your Customers.

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