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What is Customer Adoption?

Learn about Customer Adoption and why it’s crucial for your Collaborative AR success.

Customer Adoption is the number of customers actively using your Customer Portal (e-Adoption), as well as making digital payments (p-Adoption). Learn more below.

Customer Adoption Overview

With the time you spent putting together requirements documents, RFPs, interviewing stakeholders, comparing vendors, sitting through demos, negotiating pricing, and all other aspects that went into selecting Versapay’s Collaborative AR platform, you want to do everything possible to ensure ongoing success with your AR Automation initiative.


Customer Adoption is at the heart of a successful rollout as well as the ongoing success of your Collaborative AR platform. In the simplest terms, Customer Adoption is how many of your customers are actively using your Customer Portal to complete certain activities such as making digital payments.


There are two types of Customer Adoption: 1) e-Adoption and 2) p-Adoption.

  • e-Adoption (or “Electronic Adoption”) is the percentage of your customers who are actively accessing and using your Customer Portal. For example, if a customer is using your Customer Portal to view their outstanding invoices, this customer would be counted towards your e-Adoption percentage.
  • p-Adoption (or “Payment Adoption) is the percentage of your customers who are actively making digital payments within your Customer Portal. For example, if a customer is submitting their monthly payments to you digitally in your Customer Portal, this customer would be counted towards your p-Adoption percentage.

Why is Customer Adoption important?

Remember when we talked about how much time you spent selecting the perfect AR Automation solution for your business? Well, just like you, we want to ensure you achieve ongoing success and easily recognize the ROI of our platform so you (and others within your organization) remain confident that the right decision was made.


However, no matter how much time and due diligence you spent on selecting any software solution, if your customers don’t see the value in it and aren’t using it, then all that hard work goes to waste. This is the last thing we want you to face, which is why again: Customer Adoption is the key to success.

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In a world where many are hesitant to change, we understand it can be difficult to persuade customers to change how they do business with you, especially when it comes to processes that they’ve been following for years. That’s why it’s so important to start thinking about how you will get your customers to adopt your new Customer Portal early on, giving them enough time to adjust to the new processes.

How will Versapay help me drive Customer Adoption?

The good news is Customer Adoption does not just fall onto you and your teams. Here at Versapay, we specialize in Customer Adoption and have entire teams standing by to support your Customer Adoption initiatives. Not to toot our own horn, but we have the highest Customer Adoption rates in the industry standing at 80% for e-Adoption.


We help our clients achieve this number through tried and tested Customer Adoption Programs personalized for you and your customer base. Our Customer Adoption Programs consist of ready-to-use email campaigns, marketing collateral, talk scripts, customer incentive programs, and pretty much anything else you would need to drive adoption within your customer base.


Click the following link to learn: How do I increase Customer Adoption?

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