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How do I increase Customer Adoption?

Learn how to drive customer adoption using our Customer Adoption Program.

Customer Adoption can be maximized through a well-planned Customer Adoption Program. A Customer Adoption Program is a ready-to-use marketing program created by Versapay and personalized just for you and your customer base.

What is a Customer Adoption Program?

As mentioned previously, we get it. You’re a finance professional who can navigate their way around the most robust Excel spreadsheets, generate pivot tables like magic, and handle month-end in an almost calming manner—all while serving as the foundation for your organization ensuring the business (and everyone else) gets paid on time.


Unlike other solutions that leave you wondering how you’ll get your customers to adopt your new Customer Portal and processes, Versapay is with you every step of the way because we understand you don’t have the time to become a marketing wizard (but we’ll sure make you seem like one!).


We’re excited to introduce you to and get started with your own, personalized Customer Adoption Program that will supply you with all the processes, materials, and tools needed to market your Customer Portal efficiently and effectively to your customer base. Before you know it, you’ll see your e-Adoption and p-Adoption numbers skyrocketing, and like some of our other clients, you may notice early indicators before the actual metrics come in.

Take it from Melinda Hale, Director of Corporate Accounting at RPT Realty:
“I was amazed that within hours of the Versapay Customer Portal invitation being sent out to our tenants, we had incoming payments and messages. We also had a tenant pay five months of bills at once!” - Melinda Hale, Director of Corporate Accounting, RPT Realty Read more about RPT Realty here.

What are some best practices to drive Customer Adoption?

Our internal Customer Adoption Experts have put together the following best practices for you to keep in mind as you continue along your Customer Adoption journey. These best practices aren’t just “ideas”, but battle-tested tips and tricks collected from other clients who’ve achieved high customer adoption rates throughout their time with Versapay.

  1. Promote the Versapay Customer Portal, especially the ability to make digital payments, in your contracts, amendments, leases, and agreements with customers.
  1. Host office hours and tutorials, and make Versapay’s How-To Resources available on your website or other easily accessible areas for your customers.
  1. Add Versapay’s How-To Resources to your onboarding processes for both internal teams and customers.
  1. Engage your AR Team as early as possible while soliciting support from other customer-facing teams such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, etc. Enable all these teams so they can speak to your Customer Portal and “sell” it to your customers.
  1. Incentivize your Collections Team and other internal teams to get late adopters (customers who do not initially adopt your Customer Portal) to sign up.

Best Practices have been collected from Clients like:

  • Rocket Industrial who reduced their time spent managing receivables by 50% due to 93% of their customer base adopting their Customer Portal.
  • Brannan Companies who have seen high p-Adoption rates with 65% of their customers now making payments online.
  • ShopOne Centers who reduced their at-risk receivables by 33% through the power of Collaborative AR and high e-Adoption rates.
Check out our recent blog post on How to Get Your Customer Using Your Customer Portal for more great information.

Again, these are just a handful of best practices to keep in mind as your Customer Adoption Program gets up-and-running, and remember, you can contact us at anytime for more tips and tricks to get your customers to adopt.


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